10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

  1. Does the policy include protection against inflation?
  2. Does the policy guarantee that premiums will remain level?
  3. Does the policy cover home health care benefits and all levels of nursing home care, including skilled, intermediate, and custodial care?
  4. Does it provide comprehensive benefits for both home care and nursing home care?
  5. Is the maximum benefit period one year or more?
  6. Is the policy renewal guaranteed?
  7. Is the deductible affordable and does the policy have a waiting period of 100 days or less?
  8. Will the policy cover dementia if an individual is diagnosed down the road? What are the policy exclusions?
  9. Will you be able to keep up with the policy premiums?
  10. Have you learned as much as you can about the insurance company?

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