Long-Term Care Story: Tommy

Tommy was scared his whole adult life that something terrible would happen to his parents that he adored and that he would be trapped paying for their care while raising his own 2 boys. Fortunately, his father and mother took this concern off his plate. How? Sam, his dad, began making payments into long-term care back when he was in his 40s. By the time, his parents were no longer able to work, the money they needed was already in place so that he could be with the in a happy place through their remaining years. Tommy loved the place he was able to place his parents and his 2 little boys got to spend a full decade with their grandparents, enjoying holidays, and important occasions together. The financial burden that Tommy feared never came to pass. In fact, when his parents finally passed (within months of each other) there was even money left over that he was able to use to give to his own kids for their education. His family was left with a wonderful feeling of love and happiness knowing that everyone was provided for in a kind and caring way.

  1. Peace of Mind – children won’t suffer in the same way (intangible)
  2. Relief of burden (intangible)
  3. Protection of assets
  4. Insurance Contract
  5. Bills get paid from the insurance company
    1. $6k Month 30 years from now

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