Long-Term Care Needs & Emotions: A Matter of Perspective

From the perspective of the adult children:

Long-term care needs can be for a variety of reasons when a person can no longer care for themselves and must rely on others for their daily needs, Most often the initial burden for providing care falls on family members. This places an enormous emotional and financial strain on the family. Family care givers can experience a variety of difficulties including depression, fatigue, stress and even lead to the breakup of the family. Feelings of resentment of rejection are common symptoms within families.

From the perspective of the person going into care:

Typically, people facing long-term care needs experience the five phases of grief. First, they deny that their condition is a life altering experience. Surly, medical science has a cure. Then they get angry that their life has been turned upside down and they have become dependent. They become angry at the people or circumstances that brought them to this point in their lives. Then it’s ‘let’s make a deal’. What to they have to give up to resume their normal life? Depression soon follows that they must give up so much of the many things that were of value to them. Finally, they come to terms with their new life and accept their circumstances and either make the best of it or let depression swallow up the time they have left

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