On the Horizon: Care Giver Shortages?

Headlines on the LA Times: 75,000 care givers on strike! Even for California, that’s a big number.
Makes me wonder how many care givers there are? Who’s going without their nurse or caregiver today?
Strikers claim their number one issue is staffing shortages.

I’m not good at math but I can figure this out. That means that more care givers need to be hired. That means they need to be paid more to attract talent. Gonna have to compete with the fast-food industry where entry level care givers could earn more money.
Most of us don’t need a care giver today. But we will. When we do, it’s gonna cost more for good help. For older people, that bill will get paid for by either the government plan, from our own nest eggs or by an insurance policy.
I’ll take door number three, please.

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