Long-Term Care Story: Meet George

George has been worried for a long time. At 46, he had been through a lot. He had contracted Hepatitis C 20 years ago through a transfusion. Six years ago, he was operated on for thyroid cancer. He worked out a lot and ate right but knew that things could go south on his family at any time. He health insurance but no long-term care coverage.Amy, his wife, is seven years younger. If he got sick again, she and their two children would be in an awful mess. All his savings would disappear with the care he would need, and his family would be left with nothing.
He found an insurance broker, Jim Better. who had a lot of experience with situations like his, who could help him. George qualified for a short-term care policy that would pay him $9,000 a month for a full year if he needed assisted living or nursing home care. After a year, with no medical events, he could become eligible for a comprehensive policy that would cover home care as well.
In the meantime, he was also eligible for a home only policy that would relieve his family of having to become caregivers and could hire professional help to do the dirty work.
With his safety net in place, George now uses his energy for more productive activities and has confidence for the future, whatever it holds.

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