Bridging the family conversation gap: How to start the family long-term care conversation

The Nationwide Retirement Institute recently shared results from their Long-Term Care Consumer Survey of US adults ages 25+ with investible assets of $50k. Today, about one out of every three 65-year-olds can expect to live past age 90, and about one out of seven will live past age 95. With people living longer, having a plan for their Long-Term Care is even more critical. How do you have the long-term care conversation with your family? The article recommends five ways to get the conversation started.

  1. Lead with open-ended questions
  2. Uncover care preferences
  3. Be realistic about the requirements of preferred long-term care
  4. Be realistic about the cost of preferred long-term care
  5. Be honest about your capacity for caregiving

To read the article with full details: Bridging the family conversation gap on long-term care (LTC)

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