Ned’s Long-Term Care Story

Ned’s Long-Term Care story: Ned and I have had a business/ friendship relationship for more than 10 years. We’ve served on boards together and share social events with our spouses and talked about our children. We always seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

We started working together when he needed help securing his health insurance. As part of that conversation, we discussed long term care coverage. Although we were able to secure a health insurance policy, Ned was reluctant to discuss his plan for long term care. It wasn’t ever going to happen to him. Although I would bring the subject up whenever we talked business, I never felt comfortable pushing the issue even though I was convinced he was a good candidate for the protection. His family was at risk if he needed long term care. He didn’t have a safety net.

Shame on me. Ned is now 61 and recently suffered a stroke which leaves him unable to work as a residential real estate agent. Shame on me for not getting him to understand how important long-term care funding is. 

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