Navigating Healthcare Safety Nets: Medicaid and Medihelper’s Support

All day every day we encourage people to create their personal safety net to protect their income and assets. During the working years it’s called disability income insurance. In retirement it’s called long term care insurance.

But there is a social safety net that is available for health care when the personal coverage is not in place or is inadequate. It’s called Medicaid or, in California, Medi-Cal.

Check out and the YouTube video below. Medi-Cal mirrors the complexity of the whole medical-industrial complex and will overwhelm those in need of the services. Lisa Ramsey, founder of Medihelper, is extremely knowledge and helpful in guiding families through the maze of options and programs available at the state and federal level.

Watch: Medi-Cal Consulting Services YouTube Channel

When you are ready to talk to an expert about navigating healthcare safety nets and your long-term care insurance, schedule a call: Find more resources in our blog.

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