Long-Term Care Talk: 100% Chance of Aging

It’s no secret that we all have a 100% chance of aging. Diet, exercise, plastic surgery, the results are going to be the same. We will age.

Aging goes hand in hand with mental and physical deterioration. This will limit our ability to live independently. Facing this situation forces us to make some hard decisions.

We can be proactive about end-of-life decisions while we have health and mental clarity. Or put off these plans and have our families forced to make major decisions in moments of crises.

Without a clear path, our entire estates, which take a lifetime to accumulate, can be devoured by long term care expenses.

Long-Term Care Insurance is a critical part of protecting our families from disrupting their lives to become care givers and our money go for its intended purpose.

When you are ready to talk to an expert about your Long-Term Care plans, schedule a call:  calendly.com/jimbetter. Find more long-term care resources in our blog.

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