Trevor’s Long-Term Care Story

True Story:

Trevor had it made but he doesn’t take it for granted. He and Madeleine have been married for 30 years. She came from a wealthy family and is worth $20 million.

Although they live and vacation in great places, Trevor had developed a technical writing practice and always paid his own way. Now in his mid-fifties and staring at aging and the challenges that come with it, he wanted another pool of money to cover the likely cost of long term care.

As always, he isn’t about to let Maddie pay for his long-term care expenses. His mother had burned through thousands of dollars on home care, so he knew what extended care costs. He had some money saved and his long new term care policy will, once again, allow him to pay his own way.

This is Trevor’s Long-Term Care Story. When you are ready to talk to a LTC Insurance expert about your long-term care story schedule a call: Find more long-term care stories and resources in our blog.

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