More Long-Term Care Insurance Questions Answered:

Q. Will Medi-Cal/Medicaid, Medicare or health insurance cover my long-term care needs?
Long-term care is different from other health care and is not typically covered by health insurance, Medi-Cal, Medicare or Medicare supplemental policies. Medicare and Medi-Cal cover very limited long-term care services. Medicaid and Medi-Cal are only available for low-income recipients. Medicare benefits will be exhausted after 90 days of care for qualifying medical events.

Q. I am still relatively young. Should I wait until I am older to get coverage?
Young or old, people require long-term care for a variety of reasons. At any age, whether it is due to an accident or illness, health-related impairments can change everything. While you may not need long-term care until you have advanced in age, your premiums are lower the earlier you get started.

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