Unveiling the Impact of Caregiver Burnout

According to the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, 25% of the workforce in America is a family caregiver.
That’s just another ho hum statistic unless you are in a family when one member has to minimize work, family and other responsibilities to care for a sick parent, sibling or child. That person becomes subject to more illnesses due to the stress caused by trying to ‘keep up’ with everything else in their lives.

“The bad thing about caregiver burnout is that it can hit you when you least expect it. It’s a cumulative condition that slowly builds up over time and before you know it you are in a state of pure exhaustion feeling completely overwhelmed. Burnout is different than the daily doses of feeling fatigue and frustration. Burnout feels like you can’t go on and that you are in a black hole you can never get out of.”

Read this article at the link below: www.familyaware.org. A great website for families dealing with this kind of crises.

Another great resource is www.TCARE.AI

Seeking the help of a Certified Long-Term Care Specialist and a securing a Long-Term Care Insurance plan can be very helpful in unveiling and preparing for the impact of caregiver burnout: www.calendly.com/jimbetter. Find more resources in our blog.

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