with Long-Term Care Insurance

She had been trying to find me for the last three months. She said that I may not remember her, which I didn’t. She confirmed that I was Jim Better and then said she needed to thank me before it was too late.
She reminded me that, when she was 25, I sold her a disability income insurance policy. She was living the good life of a young single women with a good job with a publishing company in Boston and her own condo.

She really didn’t see the need for income protection. She was young and healthy and couldn’t imagine that things could change. Her father and I, however, convinced her that no harm could come from having the protection and she might need it.
We moved on and lost track of each other. She was calling me now because I needed me to know what happened to her.

She married, had two children and a mortgage. Their combined income covered their expenses. But things went south. She came down with MS and could no longer work.

She needed to tell me that the disability income policy has sustained her family for the last 25 years.
Several years later her husband called me to tell me that she had passed. He wanted to reinforce her message that the income from the insurance policy was a critical part of their family’s financial well-being and thanked me for being a part of it!

Better Planning for Better Endings

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