Securing Peace of Mind.

Jane, a single woman in her 60s with two grown children and a tidy nest egg, became aware that her savings are at risk for an extended long term care event. Family history told her what can happen if there is no plan for covering home care or memory care expenses.

We worked with Jane and found an affordable and comprehensive long term care insurance policy that assured that the money she saved would go to its intended purpose. She is very happy that the problem could be solved with a simple transfer of some of her ‘rainy day fund’ into a long-term care insurance policy. Not often to people express their happy feelings so elegantly:

The sky is clear and I’m bathing in the sun,
POA’s and insurance plans are already done,
Plans are well laid,
And the premiums are paid,
Now I can spend the rest of my money just having fun!

When you are ready to talk to a Long-Term Care Insurance expert about securing your own peace of mind, schedule a call: Find more resources in our blog.

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