More of your Long-Term Care Insurance Questions Answered

Q: What is long term care?
A: Long term care refers to the services provided to people who have difficulty managing the activities of daily living due to illness, injury, disability, cognitive disorder, or aging. Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) coverage helps pay for the high cost of care when one needs assistance with the activities of daily living, which includes bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (such as from a bed to a chair), continence, eating or a severe cognitive impairment.

Q. Why do I need long-term care coverage?
LTCI coverage offers more control over how you may live your life if you need assistance with the activities of daily living because of injury, aging, illness, or cognitive impairment. It provides the financial resources you may need to choose the location and type of care you receive. LTCI coverage helps to pay for care you may need at a setting of your choosing.
Unlike the government safety net (Medicaid/Medi-Cal) because you have money to pay for it, you get to choose better care at a better place.

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