Long-Term Care Insurance Where to Go Now?

Where to go now? It’s a question I hear often.

A parent becomes a danger to themselves because they fall a lot or leave the stove burning or screw up their medications.
Their adult children must decide how to best protect their Mom and/or Dad. Up until now, the subject was part of concerned conversation but with no resolution. Now it’s a crisis.

Will a home care agency be adequate and for how long?

The natural progression leads to assisted living (aka, board and care) then a senior living facility (aka, nursing home). What do they look like? Are they safe? Is the place clean? Is the food any good?

How do you separate the adequate from the good?

The most important step is to determine the places Medicaid (Medi-Cal) status. If the facility takes the state subsidized programs, you know that the funding is about half the real cost of care. That means a lower level of care.

Places that only take ‘self-pay patients’ serve better food, are safer and cleaner because they have more money to provide better care.
Knowing the difference and planning accordingly, makes the crises a bit more manageable.

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