Financial Freedom

If you want to enjoy aging the last thing you want is worrying about your money. Unfortunately, many people put off building financial freedom until it’s too late. There’s always a reason to wait. I hear the excuses all the time:

  • I’m too old or too young.
  • I’ll take care of it next month or next year.
  • I’ll die young.
  • I’ll move in with my children.
  • I’ll go the Kevorkian route.
  • I’m too rich or too poor.

Then there is the kill shot: thanks for letting me know, ugh!

My friend Jane said it best. She is in her mid-50’s, has a couple of million in the bank and bought a long-term care insurance contract so she can now ‘spend the rest of her life having fun’!

For help protecting your financial freedom in your later years, schedule a call: Find more resources in our blog.

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