My Why Long-Term Care Insurance

My mother was a very proud woman.

Her name was Evelyn and she claimed that she was from German aristocracy. Using we have found evidence that it might have been true.

She had inherited some money and was very jealous of it. She received dividend checks every three months and told my brother, sister, and me that the money would someday go to us.

She guarded her inheritance very closely. I know that my parents had some money struggles along the way, but she never touched that money. My father wasn’t very happy about her decision, but she was totally committed to passing it on to her children.

What happened in the end of her life changed my life. All that money went to paying for her long-term care. She had developed cancer and was in assisted living and nursing homes for more than three years. Everyday she was conscience she said she was very disappointed that the cost of her care was eating up all her money.
I had been in the life insurance business for twenty years but was unaware of the black hole waiting for people at the end of their days. That was the point that my carrier changed. It didn’t have to be that way for her.
Preaching the need for long term care planning has been my mission ever since and will continue to be so for as long as I can speak. Evelyn’s legacy lives on.

I have and will continue to guide anybody who will listen how to prepare for the days when end of life costs threatens their life savings. Long term care costs don’t have to be a financial disaster. End of life planning is critical to a happy ending. I know that from experience.

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