The Cost of Waiting!

One of the more common excuses for not purchasing long term care policy is to wait a year or two when their budget is more flexible (spoiler alert: it never will be).
A couple I have been working with (she’s 56 and he’s 54) have all the numbers and asked all the right questions but are going to wait a year to pull the trigger.
We are working with a budget of $7,000 a year. At their current age, they will purchase $338,000 for their long term care expenses when they are likely to need it. If they wait until they are a year older, the same premium will be worth $325,000 in coverage.
I’ll do the math: that’s a loss of $13,000!

Do not wait another day. Schedule a call with a Certified Long-Term Care Specialist and avoid the cost of waiting! Schedule a call: Find more resources in our blog.

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