Protect Your Legacy: Give the Gift of Long-Term Care Insurance

‘Dad, why do you keep working’, she asked. My oldest daughter is visiting for a few days, and she noticed that I am still talking to people about long-term care insurance. She knew I had a good deal with my company back in New Hampshire and could have just retired.

‘Because I need to stay relevant, Jennifer, and because it’s important’, I told her. ‘Too many people just ignore that they will age and hope that things work out. But hope is not a plan, Jen’.

‘Do you remember what happened to your Nana (my mother)? She spent the last three years of her life in a good nursing home which cost a lot of money. She had inherited a tidy sum from her grandmother and her fondest wish was that she would pass it on to me and Karen and Bob (my brother and sister)’.

‘During her last days when she was still able to talk, she was sad about how things had worked out. She held on to that money even though she and my dad had some struggles along the way. It was important to keep that money for her children.’
Jennifer listened to me intently as I carried on about the need for proper legal documents and long-term care insurance. After a half hour or so she wanted to know where we were going for dinner.
She made my point.

When you are ready to talk about how to protect your legacy and the gift of Long-Term Care Insurance, schedule a call: Find more long-term care resources in our blog.

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