Everyone has a Long-Term Care Story. It doesn’t always happen to somebody else.

She spent three months tracking me down. She said I may not remember her and I didn’t. She needed to thank me before her time ran out.

She was in her mid-20’s when I met her. She expected to get married soon and raise a family and live a normal life. She had a good job and expected to keep working to help support her family. We talked about securing her income with an insurance policy that would guarantee her income no matter what. She took my advice and bought a disability income contract.

Life doesn’t always go as planned and five years later she came down with Muscular Dystrophy (MS). She struggled through the diagnosis and treatment but was told she would not be able to work again.  At this point she had two young children, a mortgage and other normal expenses.

When she finally reached me the disease was taking its toll. She wasn’t sure how long she had but was compelled to tell me how much that insurance policy meant to her and her family. Because she was guaranteed income, her family didn’t suffer any life style change.

She has passed now but I will never forget what she taught me about my career. Be aware of risk and cover as much of it as possible. Life can change in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t always happen to somebody else. One of my biggest challenges is to get people to pay attention to their risk and have a plan to deal with it. Health events are as predictable as the traffic on the 405.

Everyone has a Long-Term Care Story. I’d love to hear yours and discuss how we I can help you with long-term care protection: www.calendly.com/jimbetter. Find more Long-Term Care Stories in our blog.

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