Bed Reservation and Long-Term Care Insurance

Let’s say that your parent or another loved one (it’s always somebody else) has qualified as needing long term care and is in a senior care facility (AKA, Nursing Home) and the insurance company is paying the bill.

Now she/he takes a tumble and breaks a bone or has a stroke or whatever and needs to go to the hospital for a week or two. What happens to the room they have at the facility?

Most long-term care contracts have Bed Reservation as standard benefit of their policies. This means that their room will still be there when they are discharged from the hospital. Some contracts cover the room for 15 days some for a month.
Having this kind of coverage is a big relief as you will not have to scramble to find another place for Mom or Dad (or yourself!)
If you have a policy and would like a review, I would be happy to help.

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