Cost of Long-Term Care Insurance for Women

Long-term care risk may be far greater for women than men, because women face a higher probability of needing care or becoming a caregiver. This is why every woman should consider preparing for their future and encouraging their spouses, parents, in-laws and close relatives to have a plan.

Partly because women live longer but also because they have a higher rate of chronic illnesses, women often pay more for Long-Term Health Insurance. A recent article in Forbes by Next Avenue Contributors recommends 7 ways women can cut the cost of Long-Term Care Insurance.

  1. Talk to an adviser about options.
  2. Reduce the risk of premium hikes.
  3. Couples can consider shared-care policies.
  4. Plan for the needs of single women.
  5. Open a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  6. Choose a hybrid long-term care insurance policy.
  7. Above all, plan early!

Read more in this article from Next Avenue featured in Forbes: 7 Ways Women Can Cut The Cost Of Long-Term Care Insurance

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