Holidays can be stressful for everybody and especially seniors who may have some physical challenges but won’t admit it. Here are some tips to make it better for everybody.

  1. Make Healthy Choices:   Prepare meals with others in mind
  2. Stay Hydrated:  Have water very accessible
  3. Follow Dietary Restrictions:  Keep healthy options on the table
  4. Drink in Moderation:   Careful, alcohol with medications can cause problems
  5. Keep Exercising:  Take a walk after dinner or go to the mall and window shop
  6. Shake up Traditions:    Let younger family members help with meal preparation
  7. Decrease Gifts:   Fixed incomes limit seniors ability to splurge
  8. Rest after Traveling:  Watch TV or take a nap after a long travel
  9. Make Homes Accessible:   Prepare your senior guest’s bedroom near the bathroom
  10. Take Breaks:   Carve time out for a little R & R
  11. Stay Involved:   Helping out keeps them feeling relevant.

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