LTSS Changes are Coming.

Changes are coming. Many states and the federal government continue to grapple with the cost and access to long term care for our aging population. As the crises in long term care services and support (LTSS) continues to build, doctors are making recommendations. The care industry is dealing with staffing problems that come from low wages. At the same time, 70% of people over 65 need professional help with their basic needs. In fact, for couples, the likelihood of one of them needing professional care increases to 91%! And 10,000 people a day are turning 65! What could go wrong?

The American College of Physicians has this to say:

Specifically, the ACP recommended a multi-pronged, public-private sector approach to reforming LTSS financing. That approach, the group said, would include a publicly funded, universal LTSS insurance program as well as policies to make private long-term care insurance more affordable and home- and community-based services more accessible.

The link below is the report on the doctors suggestions:

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