Care givers (usually the oldest daughter in the family) often put their own health at risk.

Caring for an aging parent or a spouse is a 24/365 total distraction from normal living. It often results in health issues for the care-giver before of soon after the person receiving care has passed or moved on to facility care. Stress is often the cause of health degradation. For many, it’s an issue of trying to manage a job and maintain family life while being consumed by the need to constantly being aware of what’s going on with the sick person.

There are steps that can be taken to make the job infinitely easier. However, the time to make those plans is not when the crises hits. Plans need to be put into place when’ what happens if’ questions are asked long before the answers are needed.

A clear path to deal with care-giver issues involves a close look at the support system in place, the legal documents required and the answer to how it gets paid for.

Essential Plans of Insurance exists to guide people through the options and protect the care-giver before it becomes a nightmare for the family. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 833-902-2020

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