When we get older, we will have an overwhelming desire to remain independent, and will not want to become a burden on our family or a ward of the state by entering Medicaid. Unfortunately, the current system to fund long-term care has evolved into one that encourages us to impoverish ourselves and move towards Medicaid as quickly as possible. For the wealthy, long-term care costs can be absorbed. For the poor and disabled, government subsidized care is available. But what about the rest of us?

New approaches to fund long-term care must be embraced, and settling life insurance policies to fund a long-term care benefit plan or medically underwritten immediate annuity is an option that has grown into a mainstream and accepted financial solution for long-term care.
We would be happy to explore this option to fund long term care with you. Call 603-431-2393 or email us today jimbetter@epinh.com.

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