The Silver Tsunami is creating a crises in health care. The statistics reported, both nationally and locally, shows that the number of people over 65 is growing disproportionally to the general population. While this is interesting, it only has meaning to you and your family. The cost of long term care can wipe out your savings and disrupt your family. Paying for Long Term Care – New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, many of us think the government programs will take care us. That’s not going to happen. Federal budgets for senior health care are only going to decrease in the future. If you plan on paying for care out of pocket, you better have very deep pockets. Continuing Care Retirement Communities may be an answer but be prepared to deposit $300,000 to $500,000 and pay enormous monthly fees.

Another answer is to invest in a Long Term Care Insurance Policy. As with all insurance plans, you put in a little money in now to get a lot back in later.

We at Essential Plans are well educated on the options and prepared to provide you with the planning help you will need.

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