Our Eldercare Journey

Our eldercare journey comes in three distinct phases.

The Go-Go stage is the beginning of later life when we are still relatively healthy and able to function well and pursue our interests.

The Slow-Go time brings the first sign of declining health. Mobility begins to diminish and some help from family and friends becomes important.

The No-Go period is when regular care and assistance with the routine activities of daily living becomes necessary.

Preparation for the later takes place in the former. Legal and financial planning prevents a crisis for our families. Planning well also assures that the money we have saved will go to its intended purpose. Without early action it will get sucked up into the black hole of long-term care.

When you are ready to talk to an expert about your Long-Term Care plans, schedule a call:  calendly.com/jimbetter. Find more long-term care resources in our blog.

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