I have been helping people elect health care plans since Ronald Reagan was president. Consulting on post-retirement health care is a natural fit as we are likely to live 1/3 of our lives in retirement.

70% of us will need help with things like dressing, meal preparation, and bathing at some point in our lives. Family members can provide some of this but that gets real old real fast. It can rip families apart. If it’s two out of three of us, you have to assume you are one.

You probably can’t imagine yourself needing that kind of help but I bet you know somebody who does.

Health events are totally unpredictable. We are all at risk for losing everything to probate, taxes and medical care expenses.

It’s not about insurance or annuities. It’s about building a plan for your future health care needs. Preparing for it is a lot better than dealing with a crisis. Our work is to help people through the Medicare maze and provide the necessary legal and financial tools.

Avoid unnecessary loss of savings, family turmoil and provide good choices for care when you will need it when you can get it. Call us, we can help.

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